Hi, my name is

Taras Shtanko, 

I am a tattoo artist and currently work at VADERS.DYE in Hamburg and Maskot Tattoo in Kyiv.

About me

I am a tattoo artist and my path started 5 years ago when I was studying in University and getting my degree at engineering. I remember myself always drawing and I guess that was the way for my creativeness to express itself and to keep me “awake”. Because, how can you be sure that profession your parents force you to get, when it’s all about earning money and fake status - will make you happy? - this is the main question you should ask yourself and deal with it somehow. But I didn’t.

Thus, I finished my University and got a job in a “proper” sphere as a land manager in government of Ukraine. And finally after just half a year happened what supposed to be happened long ago – I realized that it’s absolutely not for me; that I crave an art in my life, and life where your specialization – it’s your hobby, your passion. And since I’ve been continued drawing, once, a friend of mine came over; he saw my paintings and said that he’d like to get such a tattoo one day. So it was the last drop in a whole sea of understanding that I need to change my life.

And then I’ve got an amazing offer which really cheered me up. I finally realized that the hard work and patience pay you off. It happened when one absolutely cool studio from Hamburg, Germany invited me to work with them for a while. Obviously I couldn’t say no, so I went to Germany and spent there a couple of stunning months full of new experience, ideas, culture and people. It was exciting and went so good that they wanted me back so where am I now And even though everything is going well, I never stop drawing and improving myself and my skills in developing of my own style.

This is my story.

My latest works

Taras Shtanko